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Modern botanical


AtWork Rome Chapter 10 has been implemented in partnership with the National Gallery of Modern and Contemporary Art, which also hosted the workshop.
It was the first leg of the AtWork Tour 2018 “I had a dream”, which will continue its journey in Ndjamena, Kampala and Harare.

The Workshop

The workshop took place in Rome, Italy on May 24-27th 2018 and was conducted by the international curator and our advisor Simon Njami.
Hosted in the  space of La Galleria Nazionale, 17 participants from 9 different countries, with the backgrounds that range from musicians, to geologists, to mechanical engineers, to aspiring artists and curators, came together to have a critical debate on identity, culture, society at large and to realise their dreams, first on the pages of the notebooks and then also in real life.
At the end of the workshop each participant creatively interpreted his/her dream on the pages of the notebook.


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