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The outfit has been designed to join the contest Fashion Digital Made by Fondazione Mondo Digitale.

The project explores all the possibilities connected with fungus and spores. Fungi are some of the oldest species ever, they are the grant recyclers of the plane.
Moreover, Mycelium is the neurological
network of nature and Earth’s internet, a consciousness with which we might be able to communicate.
As designers they believe in an
open source connectivity and sharing of the resources in our communities, just like nature’s network.

The designs, inspired by the Fungi kingdom, mix different technologies and bioelements. The aim of the project is to create an open source haute couture outfit, to sharing of knowledge and develop of new technologies applied in the textile and fashion industry.
This look has been designed in order to mix different knowledges together, such as parametric design and
As designers and researchers they believe that the fashion industry needs to explore more sustainable and technological systems and we are hoping to
inspire people and pioneers to look forward towards a more positive impact on the environment by proposing new ideas for the fashion and textile industries.

The outfit is composed by a laser cutted latex kimono. The kimono has been thought to be a zero waste and seamless design
All the parts are joined together trough the use of
weaved interlockings made out silk double organza.
bioplastic belt is made out of tulle fabric and agar based bioplastic. On the surface of the belt are present some 24K gold leafs
3D-printed collar close the wool top under the kimono, inspired by mushrooms' gilles and parametricly designed with Grasshopper.The design is directly 3D-printed on the tulle fabric

The outfit is complete with a modular and adjustable cape. Just like the kimono, all the parts are joined together without sewing. Its design reminds the gilles of certain species of fungi. 





TextileLab Amsterdam, Waag: Technology and society, Amsterdam

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